Sponsor a Native Missionary

Church planting is one of the primary aim of Our Mission and our native pastors are sent out to their own community’s to preach and share the Gospel by evangelism, handing out tracts, booklets and Bibles. During this ministry, the Holy Spirit moves such a persuasive manner and thus small groups form a new congregation gathers in home.

Jesus said, “Go and preach the Gospel to every creature”. He is the creator of all and He knows everything. One who created all saying, Go and preach the Gospel, the Good News to all. He kept us in a place of huge responsibility to carry out the mission, because He is the Ways and the Truth and the Life.

Our Mission takes this good news of Christ to a variety of people in various ways. We share the Gospel of Christ in different occasion too, like during Christmas and public holiday of Government. Our Mission wants to bring people to Christ who is the author of life.



Sponsor a Native Missionary


Our Missionary takes challenge in the mission field everyday in reaching and touching the lost world. We ask you to go along with him in prayers and financial support. 

You can support our native missionary monthly 115 $, that will help them to sustain in the Mission field and to work in the Mission field in reaching those  lost to Christ. 

If you would like to Sponsor our Native Missionary, kindly let us know