Who is Lost

We are called to be with our Creator, our Lord Jesus Christ, but somehow we lost the track and going away from Him. Our life on this earth is to be with Him and have a good relationship with Him. I am talking about lostness of our hearts. God alone knows who is eternally lost because the salvation belongs to the Lord and here we are to save those lost to Christ.

Now, in order to find out who is lost, first we need to answer the basic question of our destination. Who I am? Why I am here? Once you find out your destination, then you can easily find out who is lost?

God said, “Let us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…” so we are created in the image of God and His likeness, we are superior than any creatures on this planet.

The reason is, God loves relationship even God Himself in a relationship I and You. God is love; If God is love, whom He was loving before the creation, God in the Trinity has mutual loving relationship. God is longing to have relationship with us, we are created to be with God and walk with Him and to worship Him.

We see in Genesis 3:8 that God was walking in the garden in the cool of the day and looking for Adam and Eve whom He created to walk. God is looking for you and me to have mutual relationship. The Bible says, Enoch walked with God, Noah walked with God and they had a great relationship with the Father.

The purpose of our lives is to have a deep relationship with the Father and walk so close with Him. This is our destination and the service for God flows out of that relationship.

If anyone misses this relationship, he or she is lost no matter who they are because they are going away from the Father whom He created. God wants everyone to be in that relationship…


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