Who is Lost – II

Our purpose on this earth is to be with the Father always, our Lord Jesus Christ was with the Father and with the Holy Spirit throughout the Eternity and on earth. He was in the fullness of relationship, He said, Father has not left me alone and I always do the things that please Him. His life and ministry was success because He was with the Father in every moment of life.

We are created with higher and greater plan but we destroy everything by our own selfish desires. Our worst enemy is our SELF believe it or not, you can’t blame devil for everything, God has given wisdom to choose and we chose wrong direction and lost in our ways. Lucifer became devil by his selfish desire; when you start to run your lives on your own self, know that you are in a wrong direction.

Being a Christian you can live your life without God. You can come to church on Sunday and live rest of the days as your own wish and no place for God even in decision. Do you know that Jesus spent whole night with the Father before choosing twelve disciples, the God who created the heaven and earth spent whole night with the father and the Spirit to chose right ones. How about you and me?

Let us remember that our relationship with God only can save our life from all distractions and for an eternity. We read in the Bible about the son who has gone away from his loving father by his own selfish desire, as a result he has lost everything. He could have been with the father and enjoy all what he could but he chose wrong direction and went on to destruction.

Even so with the emerging churches, sad to see and hear how they are lost. Many are getting new new fleshly revelation, all just comes out of flesh not by the Spirit because the Spirit always speaks and remind what our Lord Jesus spoke and did, these new emerging church has new revelation from the flesh. No flesh can inherit the church; churches are running by money, flesh product, politics and for fame and lost.

Ministry always comes out of relationship with the Father because the burden and passions are coming from the Spirit of God and you can’t serve others without burden.

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