The Mystery of Godliness – 4

The Mystery of Godliness – 4

And without controversy great is the mystery of godliness: God was manifested in the flesh,Justified in the Spirit,Seen by angels,Preached among the Gentiles,Believed on in the world,Received up in glory. I Timothy 3:16.

Apostle Paul describes to young man Timothy what is Godliness and how that Godly man looks like. Godliness is Godlikeness. God solved the mystery Godliness through the person of Jesus Christ and you can find Godliness in Christ alone.

We are created in the image of God and we have lost it by disobeying God, disobedience brought great curse in this world. Disobedience is the root of all evils. We don’t like to obey; we tempt to do the things, which are not allowed to do; now it’s in our nature.

By the grace of God we are saved through our Lord Jesus Christ, Jesus came into this world to make dead people alive and we are dead to God in our nature. Apostle John says, Jesus brought Grace and Truth into this world. He not only brought grace but also the Truth, Truth is in Him alone and He is the Truth. If you wander   from the Truth, the Bible clearly says that, He is the Truth, come to Him; you can find everything in Christ alone because He is the creator of all.

Jesus came to change our sinful nature into Godly nature and He wants that from us. He said to one of the ruler of the Jews that, “you must be born again”. Its so interesting that, Jesus didn’t say this words to gentiles or the person who is consider to be worst sinner on this earth, but to the ruler of the Jews, Pharisee. We learned from the history that these Jews leaders thought that they were the only righteous person, they did all great according to the scripture, they fasted, gave tithes and studied the scriptures etc…As per people eyes, they were so perfect and so religious and having the form of godliness. But Jesus said to him, you must be born again.

Born to Spirit because God is Spirit, you can connect with God through Spirit alone, you cannot please God with your flesh. Only the Spirit makes you to live like Christ. You can do so much spiritual activities with the flesh also and they are just product of flesh but it seems so godly but in real they are not. Fleshly works has no life in it but only the Spirit gives life.

We are in the last days; God expectation upon us is to live a life like Him, even in our personal life too. We do so much on the outside but on the inside and personal life, we are totally zero before God. Godliness is not what you do on the outside but it is inside and your deep relationship and commitment with God and that reflects on our outward nature. That is Godliness. Our Lord Jesus Christ lived such a life on the earth and His expectation and desire upon us is to live a life like Him and to follow His footsteps.

Let us separate the time to be with the Lord all alone, it is you and your God, no one else. Your lonely time with God makes you like Christ. How many hours spending time with the Lord all alone, how you spend your time. Are you running after the worldly stuffs or toward Jesus.

Jesus wants to change our nature into His. Let us seek Him and He is ready to work in us. We are living in a world where there is no justice, peace and joy, we can find those in Christ alone when we live like Him.

By: Philip

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